Easter Egg Hunt at the Homestead 2015

The FWIC owned and operated museum Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead National Historic Site hosted over 1600 kids and family members from our community on Good Friday! We all had a blast! Happy Easter to all families from FWIC.

Images copyright Sara Naim and Maggie Wilson



0 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt at the Homestead 2015”

  1. Happy Easter, dear Maggie. Kudos on a smashing turnout – the homestead, the pets, the children, the make-your-own cookies, …. Such simple charme is what makes memories that last.

    1. Thanks, Sammy. I will pass along your comments to the organizers. All I had to do was show up and “man” the booth. There was a TON of work performed ahead of this event. The organizers and the volunteers did an amazing job. Even Mother Nature behaved. It was damp and grey for most of the day, but it could have been a whole lot worse, given our long and cold winter.

  2. All wonderful views of what sounds like a marvelous party! I’m especially enamored of this particular Easter bunny, who in a perfectly Easter-like way resembles very closely the late miss Basil bunny, my nephew’s sweet, beloved pet of many years who just died a couple of weeks ago. So lovely that she apparently rose again for a quick Easter appearance in your part of the world. 😉

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