Tips for Inspiring the WI Members in your Group

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• Make it a practice to thank your WI members for their efforts
• Encourage, motivate and show enthusiasm for projects and programs
• Plan some fun programs, share jokes and stories
• Keep things simple – do not deal with too many issues at one time
• Find out the issues that the members are interested in and invite speakers on the topics
• Write a resolution about a “burning” issue
• Brainstorm to come up with new ideas or new ways to present old topics.
• Seek feedback from your members by having comments and questions at the end of your meetings
• Solicit program ideas from the membership
• Make sure no member is carrying more responsibilities than she can handle or desire
• Frequently check with each member so that discontent can be known and changes made
• Use the talents of your members
• If certain practices are no longer working in your group, change the way things are being done
• Be flexible – try different ways of meeting, working and planning

W.I. Our goal is to Inspire Women to make a difference! Let’s have fun and make that happen.

Can you add to the list? Join in, please,  and comment below!

#IAmWI – The Highlight Reel

If you were near a social media outlet on Wednesday October 1, you may have spotted some of the smiling faces in the gallery below. Jo Beal of the Cambridge WI in the UK launched the #IAmWI campaign in order to promote the current image of women’s institutes around the world. Take a look and I think you’ll agree, the face of WI is vibrant and bright.